Real-life consequences of counterfeit drugs

Read real-life stories of consumers who have been harmed from unknowingly purchasing counterfeit medications.

Counterfeit drug rip-offs

The risks of buying drugs from sketchy online pharmacies include simply throwing your money away and getting nothing in return--or getting worthless counterfeit drugs that won't help your condition (and could make it worse).

Death in Colorado

In June of 2018, seeking relief from a painful flare-up of her chronic pancreatitis, Ashley Romero took a pain pill that she thought was a legitimate prescription. Shockingly, the single pill took Ashley’s life.

Wave of counterfeit-related deaths in Sacramento

In a brutal month spanning March 23 to April 23 in 2016, 14 people in the Sacramento area died of suspected drug overdoses, and 38 others were poisoned. At first, authorities could only suspect “contaminated drugs.” A month later, testing showed that the culprit was counterfeit pills made with deadly fentanyl.