Learn more about the latest data breaches

The list of companies involved in data breaches is seemingly endless and continuing to grow. And that’s just the data breaches that make national news; many never come to light. Universities, health insurance companies, retailers ranging from mega to small--any institution that collects data about its customers is vulnerable to attack, and hackers seem to be enjoying a new era of data breaches.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse lists breaches as they are exposed here, with a ticker counting the number of records exposed (quickly approaching 1 billion as of early 2016).

vTech breach

A massive November 2015 breach at toymaker VTech raised major concerns about the level of data security at providers of the new generation of connected toys.

Hilton breach

Hotel giant Hilton Worldwide (operator of Hilton Hotels, Doubletree, Embassy Suites, Waldorf Astoria, and others) was the latest in a series of hotel breaches including Starwood Hotels, Trump Hotel Collection, Mandarin Oriental, and White Lodging.

Experian / T-Mobile

The credit monitoring firm Experian suffered a major breach in fall 2015 when hackers were able to steal the personal information of 15 million consumers who had applied for T-Mobile wireless service.