Fighting the breach epidemic

Data breaches are an unfortunate fact of our modern connected world. As long as there is code to run our software and hardware, there will be opportunities for consumers’ personal information to be compromised and misused.

As advocates for consumers, we reject the notion that consumers should accept massive data breaches as the “new normal” or “just the cost of doing business,” as some have suggested. We must not accept a marketplace where consumers are asked to make ever more data available to more entities but are stuck with the consequences when that data isn’t adequately protected. We think that the government and private sector can and should do more to protect the vast amounts of sensitive data that they are collecting from consumers.

NCL's #DataInsecurity Project

That’s why the National Consumers League, through the #DataInsecurity Project, is advocating for reforms in Washington, DC and elsewhere that strengthen consumer protections against breaches. NCL’s Congressional Data Security Agenda lays out a roadmap for pro-consumer legislation and regulatory reforms that will enhance the security of consumers’ personal information.

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More about NCL's work in the fight against data breaches

Regulations and policies we are tracking in Washington and beyond