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Suspect counterfeit medicine? Here’s what to do about it

With counterfeit drugs on the rise, consumers need to be aware of what they should do if they encounter a medication that they suspect to be a fake. 

Avoid Counterfeit Drugs

How to safely buy medicine online

Only use legitimate websites when purchasing your medicine online. If you are buying your medication online, use these tips to protect yourself from counterfeits.

Fake Rx Action Center

A fact sheet on counterfeit drugs by National Consumers League

Counterfeit drugs are on the market today—causing harm and even death.

The National Consumers League has been fighting for the safety of consumers for 120 years. Too many frauds are putting consumers’ lives at risk.

Here are the tools to protect yourself from fake drugs and illegal online pharmacies.

Stop fake medicine and the criminals who sell them by reporting any counterfeit drugs you may have received or have seen advertised!

Let’s stop these fraudulent medications from harming anyone else.

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