Tell us your data breach story

Have you received a data breach notification letter? Have you had to replace credit or debit cards after being involved in a data breach?

We want to hear from you!

Data breaches put millions of consumers at risk of fraud such as identity theft. The statistics are truly staggering. NCL is working with leaders in Congress and elsewhere to put in place real reforms that lead to better data security and reduce your risk of fraud. However, we can't do it alone. While statistics tell part of the story of data breaches, personal stories of how data breaches affected you help make the impact of data insecurity real for policymakers and the media.
That's why we're asking you to share your story of how a data breach affected you. Did you fall victim to identity theft because your information landed in the wrong hands? Did your credit or debit card get misused because of a breach? Did your tax return get rejected because a thief filed in your name? We want to hear from you! Use the form on the page to share your story with us. Your information is private, so we won't share your story unless you give us permission to do so.