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Got a fraud question? Ask James

James Perry is a veteran staffer at NCL’s Since January 2000, he’s been counseling consumers on a variety of cons ranging from telemarketing to Internet-based scams. James began at NCL as a fraud counselor, speaking with thousands of consumers each year about cases of suspected and confirmed fraud. James was later promoted to supervise the staff of NCL’s Fraud Center, and he regularly speaks about his experiences counseling fraud victims to the media and nonprofit and law enforcement agencies.

As NCL’s Consumer Services Coordinator, James monitors complaints submitted to NCL through the complaint form at and serves as a representative on the Consumer Federation of America’s Fake Checks Working Group. James works with law enforcement agencies to transmit consumer fraud complaints to more than 200 agencies in the United States and Canada.

In James’ 15 years counseling fraud victims, he has seen it all: “A lot of what we do is fraud prevention and information-sharing with law enforcement, but I also hear directly from consumers as well. Grandparents who fell for a scam trying to help out a grandkid in trouble. People who lost their retirement funds to investment scams. Online daters whose hearts and wallets have been preyed upon by a romance scammer.”

“The best calls are from someone who is suspicious of an offer before they’ve acted on it, and I have a chance to intervene and help them avoid falling victim. Or someone who we can actually work with to recover lost funds. Helping consumers devastated by fraud is what I love most about my job.”

Think you have encountered a scam but aren’t sure? Click the link below to send a direct email to James to ask him questions about fraud or reach him at: jamesp (at) fraud (dot) org.

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