Fraud Against Older Adults

Fraudulent telemarketers rob people every day, using phones as their weapons. These criminals target seniors because they are generally too polite to hang up. It’s a myth that older victims are isolated or lonely—many are active people who are lured by great-sounding deals.

Download Chart for Tracking Telemarketing Calls

Fraudulent telemarketers aren't just pushy salespeople trying to make a living—they are hardened criminals out to take their victims’ life savings. They're so good at what they do, they can even persuade people to mortgage their homes to participate in their phony sweepstakes, investment offers, and other schemes. Sometimes they use scare tactics to sell products or services. In other cases, they impersonate well-known companies or charities to trick seniors.

To help older adults, their families, and caregivers understand the threat of telemarketing fraud and learn how to fight back, has created an online information page entitled "They Can’t Hang Up". This information educates older consumers about the telltale red flags of potential scams, provides advice on preventing fraud and assists victims in understanding their rights. This information can be accessed by clicking here.